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NauticalInstituteLogo_rgb.jpgThe Nautical Institute has issued Mars Report No. 59 on Injury from detached fairlead roller as follows:

Just after midnight, a bunker barge moored on the starboard side of a bulk carrier at anchor off port limits (OPL), with two lines and a spring forward and aft. After securing the lines, the barge crew began passing the fuel hose to the receiving ship, in winds gusting to 15 knots and a maximum swell of 1.5 metres. Suddenly, a fairlead roller on the barge's port quarter was uprooted from its base. It hit the accommodation bulkhead with great force, then ricocheted and hit the Bosun's mate. Thecasualty was immediately taken ashore to a hospital and was diagnosed with severe contusive injuries on his right lower abdomen and inguinal region with arterial occlusion. Following emergency surgery, he was kept in hospital care for more than two weeks before being repatriated home for a further period of recovery.

Result of investigation
Due to the large difference in freeboard between the two vessels, the mooring lines from the barge's deck were all leading upwards subjecting the roller to a combination of large cyclical sideways thrust and lifting force. Ultimately, material weakness and fatigue caused by corrosion and wastage within the roller's body caused it to shear off from the base.

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Source: Mars/Nautical Institute