However, the value of exports fell by AED 1.1 billion during the first quarter of 2019, in comparison ton the fourth quarter of 2018. This was due to reductions in the value of the business sector and government sector by 4.3% and 11.7% respectively, with the value of the individual sector increasing 18.4% over the same period.

As for imports, their value decreased by 7.7% from AED 26.2 billion in Q1 2018 to AED 24.2 billion in Q1 2019. The business sector also decreased by AED 4.1 billion and the individual sector by AED 61.0 million (33.7%). On the other hand, the value of the government sector increased by 156.3% the same period.


In addition, imports values fell AED 3.2 billion in Q1 2019, in comparison to Q4 2018. This happened because of decreases in the value of the business sector and individual sector by 17.1%, and 34.6% respectively, while the value of the government sector rose 41.7%.

Five countries represented 83.2% of total exports by the individual sector. Saudi Arabia was ranked as the top destination, with a value of AED 295.4 million, followed by Bangladesh, Yemen, Oman, and Sudan.

In total, the largest country by destination for business sector exports was Saudi Arabia, attracting exports from Abu Dhabi worth AED 9.4 billion, followed by Kuwait, China, India and Kingdome of Bahrain, with 63.1% of the total business sector export.

On the other hand, five countries accounted for 52.1% of total imports of the same sector. Saudi Arabia was the largest country by with AED 3.1 billion, followed by Japan, US, Congo and China.