The two cruise ships docking mean that a total of 5,000  visitors will be allowed into Dubrovnik per day.


As mayor Mato Frankovic informed, there will times when only one ship will be docking and others that two will arrive at the same or different time. However, the number of cruise ships calling at the city will not be more than two.

In order to plan this efficiently, Dubrovnik is cooperating with the Cruise Lines International Association to make the best possible program and de-congest traffic in its central district.

Recently, Dubrovnik has been experiencing a significant spike in tourism because of its landscape and the popular TV show Game of Thrones, which has filmed in the city, increasing the number of people wanting to see Dubrovnik up close.

Nevertheless, the increased traffic in the city is worrying UNESCO, which has warned that Dubrovnik may lose its World Heritage Site status if it cannot limit the tourists.