Argyris Stasinakis mentioned:

Reducing shipping's environmental footprint isn't just about fuel choice and vessel design. It's about deploying our assets intelligently. This can only be done if the industry is able to build a common approach to data standards and be more prepared to share this data. If we are to unlock the potential contained in the vast quantities of official and validated crowd-sourced information generated by shipping, we need to take a more open approach.


MarineTraffic believes that more industry stakeholders have participate in taking a holistic approach to improve the voyage from berth to berth and transcend standard routeing services which are currently available. Open data and transparency can contribute to the overall competitiveness of the shipping industry, significantly improving efficiency.

Argyris Stasinakis added:

I believe in the concept of positive disruption in the shipping industry. The benefits of better data are significant: lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, improved berth occupancy, tighter time windows for delivery of services.