DFDS-installs-fuel-saving-solutionsAfter testing and comparing different solutions for dynamic trim optimization, FDS has chosen to install GreenSteam fuel saving solutions on around 20 further vessels.

The vessels will be supplied with the on-board decision support solution, GreenSteam Optimizer that provides dynamic trim optimization. DFDS will also use the GreenSteam Manager solution for performance monitoring of these vessels.

Daniel J Jacobsen, CEO of GreenSteam said: "We are delighted that DFDS has chosen our solution. At GreenSteam we firmly believe that fuel efficiency can be improved by pioneering digital technologies, and help companies in their pursuit of cost efficiencies and a greener approach to business."

GreenSteam has recently secured a $2million investment from Castrol innoVentures, part of the BP Group, to reinforce and accelerate its growth, as well as further market penetration of their cutting edge systems

Source: GreenSteam

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