Skuld P&I Club Loss Prevention news


The Skuld P&I Club has issued an advisory regarding damaged fenders in Port of Recife, Brazil. Skuld P&I has been alerted to a circular from the Pernambuco Pilotage Service in which it is stated that a number of berths at the Port of Recife may have damaged or missing fenders.

This situation means that there is a potential risk of damage to both vessel and the quayside, as the fendering may not be sufficient to ensure a normal and safe berthing operation.

Shipowners are advised to check with the local Shipping Agents in advance of arrival which berth the vessel is assigned to, and what the present condition of that berth may be.

On arrival and during mooring / un-mooring, extra care and attention should be given to check the condition of the berth side and to take such prudent action as may be necessary to prevent damage to either the vessel or the quayside.

Masters and Chief Officers should discuss possible concerns and issues with the Pilot in advance of shifting the vessel, and photographic evidence should be taken of any fenders spotted to be damage or where they are missing prior to completing the mooring / un-mooring process. In case of serious concerns, or if an incident occurs, Masters should feel free to contact the local Correspondents immediately for assistance. Berth damage claims can be expensive and result in significant delay to the vessel, in addition to any damage sustained on the vessel's side.

Source: Skuld P&I Club