Speaking about the number of women in shipping, Sadan Kaptanoglu said that it is growing, especially in high ranking positions. This is a positive development, as according to Ms. Kaptanoglu:

Diversity in management will help shipping when we have embraced that change


Ms. Kaptanoglu is leading the Kaptanoglu Group, a Turkish shipping company, and mentioned that her agenda will include environmental and economical issues. Especially the 2020 sulphur cap is one of the most pressing issues right now, but there are other problems as well that the industry will need to mitigate.

Namely, she said that the awareness regarding environmental problems has increased, but she added that the industry needs to do whatever it can to tackle climate change. For this reason, she believes that the sector should become even more efficient and green .

In order to achieve these goals, Ms. Kaptanoglu will give a lot of emphasis on younger generations. This is because the 'cyber age', as she says, requires a new way of thinking; some that 'younger leaders' will provide.

Finally, Sadan Kaptanoglu supports the Women in Maritime initiative to attract more women in the sector. However, the economic, regulatory and environmental challenges will remain at the centre of her agenda.