Specifically, the amendment to the IBC Code requires a new Certificate of Fitness (CoF) for a vessel, which must be issued and be on board at the latest on 1 January 2021.

It is highlighted that by January 1st 2021,

the new Certificate of Fitness (CoF) shall replace the existing one and therefore, it is highly recommended to have the new certificate on board as soon as possible, to make sure the vessel will be operational come 1. January 2021.

BIMCO notes that all vessels are obliged to have a new Certificate of Fitness on board and in use from 1. January 2021. Cargoes loaded prior to 1. January 2021 can be carried and unloaded according to the requirements in force at the date of loading.

Be prepared to supply the ships with specific vapor-detection instruments for further toxic cargoes. Be prepared to face lack of prewash shore reception facilities in ports in regions where it is required to perform a prewash after unloading persistent floaters.

... BIMCO adds.

Concluding, it is reminded that MARPOL Annex II regulation 13.4 may exempt for mandatory prewash when the unloaded tank is to be reloaded with the same substance, or another substance compatible with the previous one, and the tank will not be washed prior to loading. Yet, if such an exception takes place, the appropriate entry made in the Cargo record Book shall be endorsed by an authorized surveyor (so-called “Annex II-surveyor”).