Following a recent uptick in kidnapping incidents in the Gulf of Guinea that put seafarers and fishers at great risk, Stable Seas commissioned a range of stakeholders, led by the Senior Advisor Jon Huggins, to discuss near-term actions that could provide relief from violent attacks in the Gulf of Guinea.

The study identified cross-sector agreement on the threat level as a necessary precondition for success, in addition to reaching a common understanding of regional interpretations of maritime boundaries and their effect on international cooperation, private security schemes, and prosecution of detainees and a move from multilateral to multi-stakeholder cooperation.

Specific Recommendations from the report include:

  • Better incorporation of contracted state security in the Gulf of Guinea - including embarked uniformed security guards and the 150+ contracted security escort vessels manned by the Nigerian Navy.
  • Establishment of standard protocols for information-sharing between international, regional, and national centers.
  • Increased focus on operational coordination that can ensure regional strategies are implemented in the timeline of 6 months to 1  year.
  • Establishment of a loose framework for cooperation supported by international partners, including pre-designated patrol zones and/or transit lanes coordinated with regional agencies.

It is important to note that some near-term efforts are already underway, including an initiative to better coordinate the shipping industry and Nigerian government security measures through the Nigerian government and Industry Joint Working Group (NIWG).

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