Susanne Justesen

Susanne Justesen

Ph.D. Susanne Justesen, Project Director – Human Sustainability, Global Maritime Forum /
Susanne is leading the Human Sustainability team in the Global Maritime Forum, dedicated to securing dignity and respect for every human being across the maritime industry. This entails working towards humanly sustainable practices, especially with respect to inclusion and diversity; human rights, human wellbeing, human safety; and future skills and competencies – at sea and on shore.

The Global Maritime Forum is an international not-for-profit organisation committed to shaping the future of global seaborne trade to increase sustainable long-term economic development and human sustainability. Susanne holds a Ph.D. in Innovation & Diversity Leadership from Copenhagen Business School, and before joining the Global Maritime Forum, she worked as a strategic advisor to multinational companies, on how to increase diversity and leverage diversity for sustainable innovation.

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