Susanne Justesen

Susanne Justesen

Project Director – Human Sustainability, Global Maritime Forum /
Susanne Justesen leads the Human Sustainability team at the Global Maritime Forum. She joined the organisation in 2021. Justesen’s expertise lies in skilfully employing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies to enhance innovation dynamics within groups, organisations and industries, especially in contexts that demand adept problem-solving and decision-making.

Under her guidance as Project Director, the Human Sustainability programme has grown significantly, expanding its focus on improving safety and human well-being both at sea and onshore, making the industry more diverse, equitable and inclusive, and none the least, securing future skills and competences for the global maritime industry.

The Human Sustainability programme has spearheaded the following initiatives: the youth network: Future Maritime Leaders, the Neptune Declaration, the All Aboard Alliance, and most recently, the Diversity at Sea initiative, which launched at this year’s Annual Summit in Athens.

With a PhD in Innovation & Diversity Leadership from Copenhagen Business School, Susanne is at the forefront of championing humanly sustainable practices within the maritime sector and across the global supply chain.

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