Sarah Tangan

Sarah Tangan

Sarah has an extensive Maritime Crewing and Training background in the Philippines. She has been involved on various crewing and training activities such as crew planning, recruitment, cadet program, training, project, and event management. Sarah has given prominent services at various top global ship management and manning agents such as Thome Ship Management Ltd., Scanmar Maritime Service, Inc., and Wilhelmsen Ship Management. Her goal is to establish a human-focused maritime recruitment process through investing in training not only for seafarers but also the personnel who handle recruitment, onboarding, and training the seafarers. She is currently associated with the Global Maritime Community and is a representative from Canada.

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Career Paths: Sarah Tangan, International Maritime Recruiters Consulting

In our special column this month, we are glad to host an interview with Sarah Tangan, Career Counsellor, International Maritime Recruiters Consulting, who emphasises on the need of continuous learning, formal training and certifications, noting that there is a gap in the system within the industry when it comes to continuous education in Human Resources, diversity, and inclusion and maritime recruitment. 

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