Neale Rodrigues

Neale Rodrigues

Neale Rodrigues is Divisional Director of Loss Prevention at The Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Ltd. The Club is the oldest P&I Club in the world. Trusted by its members since 1855, it has built a reputation for providing an exceptional standard of service.

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Safety Culture and Management

While speaking at the last SAFETY4SEA Conference in Athens, Mr. Neale Rodrigues, Divisional Director, Britannia P&I Club, spoke on safety culture and management. He compared the two models of safety, starting with the current Safety-I model which is based on a reactive response, and going on to talk about Safety-II which promotes a proactive response to risk.

Loss prevention considerations towards a successful safety culture

Mr. Neale Rodrigues, Divisional Director, Loss Prevention at The Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Ltd., argues that in order to improve the effectiveness of loss prevention best practices, there is need for an organisation which ensures that their employees fully understand their roles and responsibilities and also accepts that each of them plays his/her part in making sure that those initiatives are put into practice.

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