The workshop attempted to present the latest developments at the international level, new technologies, tools and methods available to reduce fuel oil consumption from hips in the Solomon Islands, in order to contribute to national efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions and Nationally determined Contributions (NDC).


Solomon Islands Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, Jimmy Nuake, said:

“Increasing the energy efficiency of the maritime industry is a priority for our nation and for our region. The Solomon Islands Government is committed to lead by example and we are calling on leaders in every sectors of our maritime industry to join us in making energy efficient operations a priority.”

SPC’s (Maritime) Transport Greenhouse Gas Advisor repeated the commitments from MTCC-Pacific to assist the Pacific region for climate mitigation in the maritime industry and was “pleased with the commitment shown by leaders in Solomon Islands and confident that the knowledge shared”.

MTCC-Pacific is one of the five centres established in the world and forms part of the Global MTCC Network (GMN), implemented by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and funded by the European Union.