The UK P&I Club issues Loss Prevention bulletin

UK P&I Club Loss Prevention Bulletin 907The UK P&I Club issues Loss Prevention Bulletin 907 regardingNotice of Arrival/Departure Changes in USA. The United States Coast Guard (USCG) will no longer be accepting old versions of the electronic Notice of Arrival Departure (NOAD).

As of the 13th August 2013, the USCG will no longer accept Notice of Arrival/Departure (NOAD) Workbook (Ver. 6.0) as well as all other prior USCG NOAD workbooks, and all non-USCG NOAD workbooks.

From the 22nd October 2013, they will also not accept Notice of Arrival/Departure (NOAD) InfoPath Template 6.0 or 6.1, Workbook 7.0, and OCS Notice of Arrival (NOA) Workbook 1.0.

Members are advised to ensure that they are using NOAD InfoPath Template 6.2.1, NOAD Workbook 7.1 or OCS Notice of Arrival (NOA) Workbook 1.1 as soon as possible.

Current workbooks may be downloaded from the Downloads section of the NVMC website.

The USCG requests that the Workbooks are completed electronically and then sent via email or imported into the eNOAD web application. Alteration of the official workbook could result in significant delays in processing.

More information is available inUnited States Coast Guard, National Vessel Movement Center

Source: The UK P&I Club