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Watch: Ocean preservation and fishing

In light of the Oceans Day celebrated in the shipping industry, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) published a video on a success story in sea life recovery in Costa Rica. A fishing community in Tárcoles, on the country’s Pacific Coast, decided to act and protect their livelihoods by setting up a marine conservation area.

Trade weakness continues into second quarter, WTO reports

World trade growth is possible to remain weak into the second quarter of 2019, according to the WTO’s latest World Trade Outlook Indicator, released on 20 May. The new WTOI reading is 96.3, exactly as it was in the previous release in February 2019, maintaining the weakest level since 2010. The latest WTOI is still well below the baseline value of 100 for the index.

Shipping industry worried over recent trade developments

A delegation from the ICS, the Asian Shipowners’ Association (ASA) and the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA) has, at the World Trade Organization in Geneva, raised concerns regarding recent increases in protectionist measures. The associations presented two position papers to the WTO, to highlight the importance of the shipping sector fully committing to the preservation and promotion of free trade policies and principles around the world.

Trade facilitation reforms to boost development

During the 7th session of the UNCTAD meeting on transport, trade logistics and trade facilitation, the participants focused on the reforms the governments should conduct to ease flow of products across borders, many of which fall under the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Trade Facilitation.

International symposium mulls WTO reform for sustainable economy

The world trading system should be continuously re-examined with regard to reforming the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the governance of data flows, given the escalation of trade restrictive measures and the impact on businesses, said Mr Akahoshi, President of JETRO. 

WTO: Trade growth to slow down in early 2019

The World Trade Organization (WTO) published the World Trade Outlook Indicator 2019, which expects slower trade growth and the weakness is possible to extend into the first quarter of 2019. The decline of several trade-related indicators should alert policy makers for a sharper slowdown, whether the current trade tensions remain unresolved.

New WTO report analyses potential impact of blockchain on trade

Amid rising interest on blockchain, the World Trade Organization (WTO) issued a new report seeking to demystify the technology and analyse its capacity to transform world trade. The publication explores how the technology could enhance areas related to WTO work and examines challenges that will have to be tackled to unlock the technology’s potential.

WTO: World trade growth to slow further in Q4 2018

Trade growth is likely to slow further into the fourth quarter of 2018, according to the WTO’s latest World Trade Outlook Indicator (WTOI) issued on 26 November. The most recent WTOI reading of 98.6 is the lowest since October 2016 and reflects declines in all component indices. The latest Indicator is below the previous value of 100.3.

EU supports Japanese complaint against S. Korean shipbuilding industry

The European Union wants to take part in a complaint that Japan filed against the South Korean shipbuilding industry, according to the World Trading Organization (WTO). Namely, Japan has requested WTO dispute consultations with South Korea concerning alleged subsidies provided by the Korean government to its shipbuilding industry.

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