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Russian owner facing industrial action

Claims that crews have not been paid A Russian owner is facing industrial action following claims that crews have not been paid.Union officials and commercial creditors are preparing to take action against vessels controlled by Monaco-based Russian commodities exporter and bulker owner Aleksei Fedoricsev.The action is directly related to the mini-bulker fleet of Fedoricsev's former Manati Navigation and follows a change of control of that fleet that critics say was a sham.Muzzafer Civelek,who is Istanbul's ITF representator,confirms that actions are being planned if former Manati seafarers are not paid this week.Civelek mentions that this could take the form of boycotts and blacklisting or ship arrests in the jurisdiction where the former Manati ships trade.Nearly 44 seafarers are said to be owed over $140,000 in unpaid wages after being discharged in connection with a series of transactions that culminated in April.In one case, a chief engineer, Oleg Hairulin, who demanded some $52,515 in back pay on 30 March in connection with one ship handover, was allegedly dismissed on the spot and ordered confined on board his former ship, the 5,100-dwt Aleksandr Lebed (built 1985).Instead of being repatriated in the ordinary manner, Hairulin was allegedly treated to an involuntary passage from Istanbul ...

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The global competitiveness of seafarers has been strengthened

They are now given a higher tax deduction The new act strengthens the competitiveness of the shipping companies as well as the Danish seafarers employment possibilities on the global maritime labour market.Minister for Economic and Business Affairs Brian Mikkelsen says:I am extremely satisfied that a wide majority of the parties in the Danish Parliament are behind this growth package for the Blue Denmark. We are extending the Danish position of strength globally by improving the maritime framework conditions for both Danish shipping companies and Danish seafarers, and this means that we can compete with other major maritime nations also in the future.It is also very important to me that the shipping companies continue to choose the Danish flag for the ships. This presupposes that we retain a critical mass of maritime competences and that we improve the Danish seafarers possibilities of employment on the global maritime labour market.The competitiveness of the shipping companies is strengthened because the amendments will provide them with updated framework conditions that better match those of other major, competing maritime nations, such as Singapore.The fact that now the shipping companies will to a higher extent have a possibility of using masters (captains) from other non-EU countries ...

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