Watch: Ferries collision off Canary Islands

A collision took place between the ferries Bencomo Express and Volcan De Taburiente, at Los Cristianos port entrance, off Canary Islands, on February 24. Both ships suffered damages, but resumed their services later.

Watch: A day in the life of an Antarctic whale

Cameras attached to a rare species of Antarctic whale are giving scientists an unprecedented view of how the whales survive in their sea ice habitat. Scientists attached tags to 30 Antarctic minke whales, to better understand the animals’ sea ice environment.

Watch: Glacier the size of Malta breaks in Antarctica

Pine Island Glaciert in Antarctica has just spawned a huge iceberg. At over 300 sq km, about the size of Malta, this huge berg very quickly broke into many ‘piglet’ pieces the largest of which is dubbed B-49.

Watch: USCG airlifts crew from grounded fishing vessel

On February 7, Friday, a USCG helicopter aircrew came to the rescue and airlifted four men after their fishing vessel ran aground near Shackleford Banks, North Carolina, a few miles from Cape Lookout. Overall, there have been no injuries reported or any signs of pollution. Yet, the USCG will closely monitor the grounded vessel and conduct salvage operations. 

Watch: Rossby waves explained

Rossby waves, also known as planetary waves, naturally occur in rotating fluids. Within the Earth’s ocean and atmosphere, these waves are formed as a result of the rotation of the planet.

Watch: Underwater robot provides first look under Thwaites Glacier

An international team including scientists from Georgia Tech captured new images and first-of-its-kind data from deep beneath an Antarctic glacier. This aims to help scientists better understand the impact of one of Antarctica’s fastest changing regions and its impact on future sea level rise.

Watch: Grey whales migrating off California

A drone operator observed six grey whales off Newport Beach, California, during their annual migration, heading towards the warm lagoons in Baja California, Mexico. The grey whale migration can usually be viewed in Southern California from late November into April.

Watch: Excessive wind leads cruise ferry on pier

As the video shows, during the severe storm that struck northern Norway last week, high winds drove the Hurtigruten cruise ferry Nordnorge hard against a pier at the port of Bodø, Nordland during berthing. The ferry can be seen trying to deal with the severe weather conditions, but when it approached the dock it was visibly heeling to port.  

Tanker on fire in Persian Gulf

A tanker has caught fire in the Persian Gulf, off the Strait of Hormuz. According to the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO), the ship is on fire 21 nautical miles (39 km) northwest of United Arabs Emirates city Sharjah.


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