US to impose 5% tariffs on Mexican imports

The US will impose a 5% tariff on all Mexican imports starting from June 10. What is more, duties of up to 25% will be added in case Mexico does not reduces or eliminates the number of illegal aliens entering into the US. If the situation remains the same, the Tariffs will be increased to 10% on July 1, 2019.

China rejects US warning to avoid vessel carrying Iranian oil

China dismissed a warning issued by the US Department of State not to provide services to the tanker ‘Pacific Bravo’ carrying Iranian crude oil, noting that energy deals between the international community and the Middle East nation should be respected.

Global partners launch hydrogen initiative

During the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM10) meeting, a new global international hydrogen partnership was announced under the leadership of the United States, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands and the European Commission with participation of several other CEM member countries.

US National Security Adviser accuses Iran for the sabotage attack

According to Reuters, US National Security Adviser, John Bolton, commented that the naval mines that were used to attack oil tankers off the UAE were ‘almost certainly from Iran’. The UAE has not yet blamed anyone for the sabotage of four vessels, including two Saudi tankers, near Fujairah emirate, a major bunkering hub just outside the Strait of Hormuz.

USCG stops illegal charter operation at Florida

The US Coast Guard announced that it terminated the voyage of the 47-foot pleasure craft, Good Energy, with 10 passengers aboard on May 26, near Haulover Park, as it discovered multiple safety violations. Owners and operators of illegal charter vessels can face maximum civil penalties of more than $58,000 for illegal passenger-for-hire operations.

US DOE approves additional LNG exports from Freeport LNG

The US Department of Energy approved additional exports of domestically produced natural gas from the Freeport LNG Terminal located on Quintana Island, Texas. The expansion of the Freeport LNG facility is estimated to support up to 3,000 engineering and construction jobs and hundreds of indirect jobs related to the project.

Baltimore accommodates its largest ever container ship

The Evergreen Triton, capable of handling 14,424 TEU containers, arrived on May 24 at the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore, becoming the largest container ship to ever visit Maryland. The supersized ship called at the Port of Baltimore because of the Port’s infrastructure that enables  it to handle some of the largest ships in the world.


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