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China raises threat level at Straits of Malacca

Dryad has received reporting indicating that China has increased the security level for Chinese-flagged vessels heading through the Strait of Malacca to the highest threat warning available, namely MARSEC Level 3. Sources have showed that China may have increased threat levels because of a specific threat of criminality.

Piracy and sea robbery see a 62% decline in Southeast Asia

During the International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference in Asia, the Information Fusion Centre (IFC) focused on piracy and sea robbery incidents in the South East Asia, highlighting a 62% decline from 2015 to 2018.

MPA Singapore alerts on hydrographic survey in Malacca strait

MPA Singapore announced it will carry out a hydrographic survey in Straits of Malacca and Singapore, aiming to improve navigation and smooth uninterrupted passage in the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore.

Tanjung Bruas Port expands services to handle containerships

Tanjung Bruas Port Sdn Bhd (TBP), a member of MMC Group, announced that it now offers container ships services at its terminal, Tanjung Bruas Port. On Thursday, April 18, TBP accommodated its first container vessel West Scent and undertook its first ever project in handling containerized shipment. The West Scent will depart for China’s Humen port after completing its cargo operations.

Two piracy incidents reported to ReCAAP ISC

ReCAAP ISC published its weekly report concerning two piracy incidents that took place between 27 of February to 4 March in Straits of Malacca, Singapore and in the Gulf of Guinea. In both incidents the crew was not reported to be injured.

Fire breaks out at ferry in Malacca Strait

Fire broke out in the engine room of Dragon Star 1 ferry, on February 25. At the time of the incident the ferry was carrying 52 passengers, and was heading from Kuah Terminal, Langkawi Island to Kuala Perlis, northwest Malaysia. All passengers were rescued, but two were injured and were transferred to hospital.

ReCAAP ISC uses Data Analytics to analyze piracy incidents

In 2018, ReCAAP ISC started using Data Analytics to provide a deeper analysis of incidents based on the data it gathered in the last 12 years from 2007-2018. The report provides insights for incidents reported in the whole of Asia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, South China Sea and Straits of Malacca and Singapore.

Over 30% of global crude oil trade moves through South China Sea

The South China Sea is a major trade route for crude oil, and in 2016, more than 30% of global maritime crude oil trade, or about 15 million barrels per day, passed through the South China Sea, according to EIA. Additionally, more than 90% of these crude oil volumes transited the Strait of Malacca.


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