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Stringent environmental regulations demand eco-friendly coatings

Says Frost & Sullivan The global marine coatings industry is poised to sail forward on the growing demand for reduced fuel consumption in cargo and cruise ships. Increasingly stringent environmental regulations are boosting the prospects of high-value, eco-friendly coatings. Innovation has been the only constant, with all companies striving to offer eco-friendly products.New analysis from Frost & Sullivan , Strategic Analysis of the Global Market for Marine Coatings, finds that the market earned revenues of $5,030.1 million in 2011 and estimates this to reach $10,216.3 million in 2018. The research covers anti-corrosive, anti-fouling and foul-release coatings."The need to lower fuel consumption is a strong market driver and antifouling coatings applied to ships' hulls offer one way to combat emissions and reduce fuel consumption," explained Frost & Sullivan Research Director Dr Leonidas Dokos. "Foul-release technology, which also results in substantial fuel savings, is particularly useful for large cargo ships, which consume a lot of fuel."Marine coatings manufacturers are generally conservative in adopting new practices. However, increasingly stringent environmental legislation, paralleled by customer preference for more eco-friendly products, is pushing innovation in the market."Companies are investing in developing eco-friendly products such as metal-free, anti-fouling coatings," noted Dokos. "Most major participants now offer ...

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Proper design of vessels a must to avert accidents

A vessel should not sink immediately after the collision Design of passenger vessels should be checked properly before its approval alongside following the design thoroughly to make it safe and heavy ones to avert river accidents, reports BSS.The country witnessed launch accidents frequently due to number of reasons including faulty design of vessels, overloading, adverse weather and collision, Professor Dr M Rafiqul Islam, Head of Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) said this while talking to BSS.He said a vessel should not sink immediately after the collision because in general the vessels are provided with bulkheads in such a way that even if a compartment is flooded due to collision or grounding the vessel would remain afloat."But in our country, we find that ships capsize within minutes of collision due to some serious technical faults in the construction where mainly water tightness in bulkheads is not maintained because of faulty welding," he added."We would be able to reduce vessel accidents if we check design of vessels properly before its approval and follow the design rightly," Prof Rafiq added.Prof Rafiq said since 1981 approximately 500 river accidents have taken place and out ...

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Software aims to cut man hours in ship design

New AVEVA Electrical offers Plant market up to 30% man-hour savings Open interface supports use with customers' existing systems or as part of AVEVA's Integrated Engineering & Design approachCambridge, UK: AVEVA today announced the release of the completely new AVEVA Electrical software application, a feature-rich design solution for electrical engineers and designers in the plant environment. Pre-release customer testing has demonstrated man-hour savings of up to 30% when compared to traditional design applications. It is quick and easy to deploy and has a very open interface, allowing it to be used with design applications from other vendors, or as part of AVEVA's Integrated Engineering & Design approach.'Electrical & Instrumentation represents 60% of the maintainable items on a plant facility and the data is accessed by operations and maintenance more often than other disciplines,' said Bruce Douglas, Senior VP Marketing & Product Strategy, AVEVA. 'AVEVA Electrical can be used both on new projects and also on brownfield activities where the integration of legacy data is critical. We have worked with numerous customers to ensure that AVEVA Electrical does exactly what they need from design to plant operations. Because of its advanced graphical user interface and sophisticated design rules, we believe that ...

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