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SeaSense – Expert Thinking on Fatigue

Our special column, in association with The North of England P&I Club, sheds focus on  fatigue which is considered as a significant contributory factor to many incidents in shipping industry and one of the major concerns for seafarers. Latest MARTHA Fatigue Report revealed that fatigue has safety and long-term physical and mental health implications and long tours of duty (over 6 months) may lead to increased sleepiness, loss of sleep quality, reduced motivation which could contribute to ‘near-misses’ and accidents onboard

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SeaSense – Expert Thinking on communication between ship and shore

Our SeaSense column, in association with the North P&I Club, is now focusing on the impact of technology on communication between ship and shore. Living in the 'smart era', life has become easier in many ways, same goes for communication as well. Therefore, we have asked industry's experts to assess whether by facilitating the information exchange truly helps in the relationship between ship and shore or adversely can erode trust.

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SeaSense – Expert Thinking on Safety Culture

SAFETY4SEA in association with The North P&I Club, features a special column including expert perspectives on critical issues with respect to maritime safety. Since safety culture is crucial for the industry, we ask global experts to assess whether the industry has succeeded in combining the human element, a complex multi-dimensional issue for maritime safety, with the numerous systems and procedures that exist onboard.

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