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American Club: How to manage seafarers’ mental health challenges

American Club released the "Addressing and Managing Seafarer Mental Health Challenges" document in cooperation with the Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI), to provide guidance and assist help seafarers and ship operators better understand the factors that contribute to mental health challenges for seafarers and what can be done to prevent and mitigate such effects on crews.

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SCI issues Seafarer Shore Leave Survey

The large majority of seafarers denied shore leave are denied it because they lack visas Shore leave significantly improves seafarers' health and the safe and efficient operation of a vessel.The Seamen's Church Institute's (SCI) Center for Seafarers' Rights collected data pertaining to seafarers' access to shore leave for the thirteenth year in a row as part of its annualSeafarer Shore Leave Survey, asking port welfare workers in 27 ports across the United States to monitor seafarers' shore leave on vessels they visited during the last week in May.Results show the large majority of seafarers denied shore leave are denied it because they lack visas.This year's survey was the first SCI has conducted since the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006) came into force. The MLC, 2006 was in force in 37 countries during the survey week. Standard A1.4 Section 5(b) of the MLC, 2006 requires shipowners to pay for seafarers' visas.Furthermore, flag states must verify shipowners' compliance with the MLC, 2006 recruitment and placement requirements, which include Standard A1.4 Section 5(b), before issuing a Maritime Labour Certificate.Ships registered in countries that have ratified the MLC, 2006 must have a Maritime Labour Certificate before they can sail. The survey showed that ...

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SCI inducts vessel for offshore operations

Taking its total fleet size to 75 State-run Shipping Corporation (SCI) today inducted an anchor handling, towing and supply vessel used for offshore operations, taking its total fleet size to 75. Bharati Shipyard, which has been contracted to deliver four such vessels, delivered MV SCI Mukta to the corporation today, an SCI statement said.With today's ship, the number of vessels delivered by the private sector Bharati Shipyard as part of the contract goes to three, it said, adding that the last of the ships will be delivered by this June. The state-run shipping line's total number of vessels goes up to 75 with today's induction, of which, 12 are in the offshore sector. "Acquisition of the vessel is in line with SCI's strategy of maintaining a modern and young fleet of vessels. The company has 28 vessels on order at present and 3 of these are scheduled for delivery by the end of this fiscal," the statement added.Source: PTI

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SCI can avoid the debt trap

SCI's fundamentals are strong, but it needs to sail along cautiously SCI's fundamentals are strong, but it needs to sail along cautiously. The global economic environment could upset trade and cargo projections. And SCI cannot be insulated from the market uncertainties.October 16, 2011: On October 1, the Shipping Corporation of India celebrated its golden jubilee in Mumbai. The Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, himself came down to grace the occasion. On October 3, the first trading day after the event, the shares of SCI fell 9.6 per cent. Was there a link between the golden jubilee and the fall in the stock price?No, on the other hand, the Prime Minister had praised the role played by the company in the development of the domestic shipping sector. Normally, this should have boosted its share price.But on the very day of the golden jubilee celebration, there was a news report that the financial position of SCI is precarious and that the company would be unable to raise funds for its fleet acquisition. The report was based on an internal note prepared by the financial advisor to the Shipping Ministry. Apparently, that news report had brought the shares down.Officials of the company and ...

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IMO’s new emission norms to hurt shipping companies

Shipping firms will spend more than 1 crore per ship to lower sulphur content in bunker fuel Indian shipping companies, reeling under low freight rates and high fuel prices, will face further cost pressure due to new emission norms set by International Maritime Organisation (IMO).Shipping firms, including the country's largest - Shipping Corporation of India - may have to spend more than 1 crore per ship to lower sulphur content in bunker fuel."We have to spend more than 1 crore per ship to convert the fuel type to adapt to the requirements in Europe and US. We have a number of vessels and cost of conversion per ship could be large," said Sunil Thapar, head of tanker and bulk division, SCI.The new emission standards for cargo ships and oil tankers, which are a significant source of air pollutants and greenhouse gases, are likely to be effective by end-2011 or early-2012.Emission from ships has doubled since 1990 and will continue to grow at 2.5% per year, said industry experts. Greenhouse gas emission from ships is estimated to grow more than 150% this year compared with 2007.In August, IMO came out with the new emission norms amid rising pollution by sewage from ...

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Shipping Corporation takes delivery of SCI PANNA

She has been built to comply with the latest international regulations The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. (SCI) accepted delivery of a 80 T BP Anchor Handling, Towing & Supply vessel "m.v. SCI Panna" yesterday. SCI had signed contracts for acquisition of four nos. newbuilding 80 T BP Anchor Handling, Towing & Supply vessels with Bharati Shipyard Limited, India. The first vessel, "m.v. SCI Panna" is delivered to SCI today on 23rd August, 2011 and the remaining three vessels are scheduled for delivery by the end of 2011.The vessel has a gross tonnage of 2,040 tonnes and deadweight of 2,001 tonnes. The vessel has been classed with IRS, equipped with DP I system and has been built to comply with the latest and most stringent international regulations.In the offshore sector, SCI presently has a fleet of 10 vessels which were acquired during the eighties. These vessels have been dedicatedly serving the oil exploration and production sector in India for the last 25 years. The four AHTSVs ordered with Bharati Shipyard are 1st phase replacement of SCI's 10 AHTSVs & comply with superior specifications like Dynamic Positioning, Reverse Osmosis Plant and UKOOA compliance as required by Indian E&P operators, etc.As a ...

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Shipping Corporation of India plans to place orders for 24 ships

The company raises $500-600 million in FY12 through ECBs Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) is planning to place orders for 24 ships this financial year. The delivery for the 31 vessels the company had ordered two years ago will starting this year.SCI Director (finance) BK Mandal said: The capex for the current year is Rs 3,700 crore which includes fresh orders that we will be placing and some capex for the existing orders, for which we have to make payments. Itss a mix of both. We will be ordering 24 new vessels this year, including cape-size, bulk carriers, tankers and container vessels.He said the company will be raising $500-600 million in the current financial year through external commercial borrowings (ECBs), as interest rates in the international market is lower than the Indian financial market. The money will be used to fund the capex. We normally follow the 80:20 debt to equity ratio and the interest rates are not high for us as we go for ECBs.SCI Chairman S Hajara said the company has plans to spend Rs 3,700 crore on its expansion in FY12 and the thrust will be on expanding its off-shore fleet. Of the 31 vessels that are ...

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