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Tips for right anchoring

Setting an anchor correctly with confidence and knowing that your boat will be safe in a well-secured anchorage, gives you a sense of relaxation without concerning to rely on mooring and marinas when cruising. Keep in mind that anchoring plays an intense role in boat handling skills.

Sail-powered cargo ships to operate between France and US

France-based Neoline has concluded to the shipyard that will construct its first two sail-powered RoRo cargo ships to operate between France and US from 2021. Namely, chose France-based Neopolia to build the vessels. At first, the vessels will be operating on a pilot route, linking Saint-Nazaire, France with the US East Coast and Saint-Pierre & Miquelon off the coast of Newfoundland.

Sailors participating in Golden Globe Race

The Golden Globe Race, originally held in 1968, was the first race in which participants had to sail around the globe single-handed, non-stop. The first one who managed to navigate and complete the route was Britain’s Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, who voyaged around the globe in 312 days.

First megayacht maintenance, repair and refit yard to built in the US

On April 16, the County and Derecktor Shipyards announced that they signed a long-term agreement for the development and operation of a megayacht maintenance, repair and refit facility at the Port Of Ft. Pierce, Florida. The new shipyard will be the first facility in the US designed and built specifically to accommodate power and sailing yachts in the 200 ft. plus range.

Superyachts tend to go greener

The huge sailing yacht ‘Black Pearl’ made headlines in recent months, not only for claiming the title of the largest sailing superyacht in the world, but also for featuring hybrid propulsion system and waste heat recovery. Analysts suggest the development of the Black Pearl reflects a growing trend for large yachts to be greener.

DMA: Replacements of nationality certificate for recreational sailors

The Danish Maritime Authority informed that it no longer issues nationality certificates to recreational sailors with vessels below 20 bt. Instead, it has prepared a letter that recreational sailors can bring abroad as a replacement for the nationality certificate. The Danish Maritime Authority also confirmed that Danish owners of pleasure crafts have the right to sail under the Danish flag, subject to the Danish Maritime Shipping Act.

Sailing yacht experiences catastrophic rigging failure

According to UK MAIB, during a training passage on the south coast of England a commercially operated sailing yacht experienced a catastrophic rigging failure that led to it being dismasted. There were no injuries and the mast was cut free and released overboard.

Fires breaks out on sailboat off Sifnos, Greece

A fire broke out onboard a sailboat, off the island of Sifnos in Greece, during the weekend. The boat had two people onboard at the time of the incident. The Hellenic Coast Guard ships went on the scene of the incident to provide assistance, while the passengers got into a private boat, which was on the spot.

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