Port of Gothenburg

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New combi terminal opens at Port of Gothenburg

The Arken Combi Terminal is a 65,000-square metre terminal, located beside the container and ro-ro terminals in the outer port area. Containers and trailers can switch between road, rail and sea for onward movement to destinations throughout Sweden and the rest of the world.

Port of Gothenburg reports fall in container volumes

With a fall of 19% from 2016, the 2017 went down in history as the worst year ever for container volumes at the Swedish Port of Gothenburg. The total freight volume came in at just over 40 million tonnes, buoyed up by good, and in some cases record-breaking, performances in other sectors.

Gothenburg dispute leads to major fall in container volumes

The labour dispute at the Port of Gothenburg has led to an unprecedented fall in container volumes. During the first six months of the year, the number of containers shipped fell by 22 per cent, the biggest decrease ever in the history of the port, particularly noticeable in June, with volumes down by 60 per cent.

New investment commitment inked for APM Terminals Gothenburg

APM Terminals has announced that it partners with the Port of Gothenburg in order to stimulate Sweden’s economic growth and increase the country’s global trade access. The new investment will focus upon increasing operational productivity for vessels, improving gate access for trucks and enhanced rail services.

Sweden gets new location for cruise ships

Starting from spring 2018, America Cruise Terminal will become a new location for cruise ships in Sweden, as the present cruise terminal at Frihamnen is going to be relocated to Stigbergskajen in Masthugget.

Study to assess the impact of mega-ships on Gothenburg

A newly released study which carried out as part of a programme on the impact of mega-ships at the International Transport Forum (ITF) at the OECD, aims to assess the impact of mega-ships on the city of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Forest product terminals expand volumes

Major changes are taking place in Gothenburg. In the spring, both Skaraslättens Transport and Green Cargo will be closing their forest product transshipment terminals. In response, capacity at the three remaining forest product terminals will be expanded

Gothenburg port officially opens its new entrance

The Port of Gothenburg has announced the opening of the new joint entrance for road traffic to the port. A clearer route to the port, improved traffic flow and a more efficient reception procedure are some of the benefits to emerge from this newly established port entry point.

Port of Gothenburg expands

The Port of Gothenburg is set to expand with the construction of a new terminal at the outer port area. It is the largest expansion project at the port since the 1970s. The terminal will be built using dredging spoils and is expected to be completed at some point after 2020.

Big ships bound for the Port of Gothenburg

Mediterranean Shipping Company is currently launching ships capable of carrying more than 19,000 containers. In December they will begin calling at the Port of Gothenburg. The first to arrive will be the newly christened MSC Maya.

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