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How to regulate your feelings using neuroscience

Neuroscience, also known as Neural Science, is the study of how the nervous system develops, its structure, and what it does. Neuroscientists are interested in how the brain affects behavior and cognitive processes. The neural networks that cover our brain change in strength based on how frequently we use them. The ones we use frequently develop into powerful "neural highways" that characterize our default emotions, mental patterns, and personalities. The good news is that our neural pathways can be changed; this is called neuroplasticity. Most of the time, we react to a certain external stimulus in order to feel emotions, but it's not always the case. Emotional responses can also be brought on by our thinking. Mammal brain can be stimulated to produce a physical emotional response if our human brain recalls a concept or memory of a period when we felt guilty or angry. These are feelings. Feelings are different from emotions therefore in that they can be rationalized. Feelings are reactions to the environment paired with our thoughts, interpretations, or underlying beliefs about the circumstance, and they occur extremely quickly. Because we have the ability to question our feelings and to reflect our thoughts back to ourselves, our ...

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