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RMI: Security guidance for ships in Libya

Through a new Ship Security Advisory, RMI reminds the importance of awareness amid the highly volatile situation in Libya. RMI-flagged vessels should not navigate near the coastal waters of Benghazi, Derna, and Sirte.

Enhancing maritime security in Libya

IMO maritime security training is taking place for Libyan port facility security officers, managers and designated authority officials, from 18 to 22 August. The workshop aims to help the Libyan Government improve security risk assessments and control maritime transport through its territory.

Turkish vessels calling for Libyan ports may be at risk

Concerning Libyan ports, Standard P&I Club has already highlighted to ship operators that the situation remains extremely unstable. In the meantime, Al Jazeera referred to a new potential threat against Turkish flagged ships that call Libyan Ports.

Situation in Libya remains unstable

In light of the recent developments and representations made by various Libyan authorities, the Standard P&I Club issued a warning for ship operators reminding that the situation in Libya remains extremely unstable. All ports remain open with the exception of Sirte and Derna.

Over 80 people feared dead after migrant boat sinks off Tunisia

Over 80 migrants are missing and presumed dead, while only three have survived, after a boat capsized and sank off the coast of Tunisia, in waters near the town of Zarzis. The three Malians who were rescued said that they had set out from Zuwara in Libya.

Migrant teens charged after hijacking vessel

The tanker El Hiblu 1 rescued about 100 migrants on February 27, when three amongst them began to riot and threaten violence when they realized that they were being returned to Libya. The thee teenage migrants have been charged in a court in Malta after hijacking the commercial oil tanker that had rescued them.

HRAS: Inconsistencies by flag States led to ‘Aquarius Dignitus’ de-flaggings

Human Rights at Sea issued its independent review and commentary into the ‘Human Rights and International Rule of Law Ramifications of the De-Flagging of M/V Aquarius Dignitus’. This is a vessel chartered by SOS Méditerranée and previously operated along with the Amsterdam-based branch of Médecins Sans Frontières, rescuing men, women and children in the Central Mediterranean Sea.

Rescued migrants forced to disembark container ship in Libyan port

Libyan security authorities forcibly removed 79 refugees and migrants Tuesday from the Panama-flagged cargo ship ‘Nivin’ in the Libyan port of Misrata, after they refused to leave the ship for 10 days. The incident has risen reactions from humanitarian bodies, as there are reports of injuries and use of rubber bullets and tear gas.

Italy orders seizure of migrant rescue vessel

Italy ordered the seizure of the migrant rescue vessel ‘Aquarius’, after accusing the Doctors without Borders of illegally dumping toxic waste in south Italy. Responding on the accusations, MSF said that this is an attempt by Italy to undermine migrant rescue efforts. Currently, Italy has closed its ports to humanitarian ships that rescue migrants off Libya.

Migrants refuse to disembark from ship in Libya

The RoRo Nivin, with Panamanian flag, rescued, last week, 81 maritime migrants but 79 of them refuse to disembark from the ship off the coast of Misrata in Libya. The migrants refuse to disembark in Misrata as a result of the fear of being sent back to Libyan detention camps.


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