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Ship Recycling Levy to Undermine Competitiveness of EU Ports

Ship recycling levy would lead to an unwanted increase in port dues in EU ports of 25% Several Members of the European Parliament are considering to table a compromise amendment on the draft ship recycling Regulation in order to establish a funding mechanism that would ensure the conscious recycling of ships.The fund would be financed through a tonnage-based levy, which port authorities should charge on all ships calling at EU ports, irrespective of their flag. The ship recycling levy would lead to an unwanted increase in port dues in EU ports of 25% on average. In some ports the amendment would even lead to a doubling of the level of dues.The initial proposal of rapporteur Carl Schlyter (Greens EFA / Sweden - photo) introduced a levy of 0.03 Euro per gross tonne (GT). An impact assessment of the proposal took into account ESPO's findings that port dues would significantly increase, but came to the remarkable conclusion that there would be no risk of traffic evasion, since port dues only constitute a minor part of the total cost of a ship's voyage. The impact assessment even recommended to increase the levy to 0.05 Euro, which the compromise amendment now indeed proposes."We ...

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Shipping first in climate cash lineup

Bunker fuels more likely to be successful The international maritime sector remains firmly in the U.N's crosshairs when it comes to finding cash to fill a global fund to help poor countries tackle climate change.U.N. climate talks last week agreed the design of a Global Climate Fund to channel up to $100 billion a year by 2020 to poorer nations, but failed to make headway on where the money will come from to fill it.While a proposal to tax global shipping was dropped at the last minute at the talks in Durban, industry watchers say enough political momentum has built up and shipping will very likely become the fund's first source of financing."The writing is on the wall. Every independent report into innovate sources of finance for the GCF mentions revenues for the international maritime sector," said Andre Stochniol, a consultant on sustainable shipping.Shipping is seen as a clear target because it is not yet regulated under any international climate regime and is a new source of revenue that would not drain public purses of cash-strapped governments, he said."It is quite clear this is the most talked about idea as a potential source of revenue for the fund," agreed Lies ...

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