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Stena Line increases female leaders in 2018

Swedish ferry operator Stena Line improved its gender diversity in the past year, with a reported increase of female leaders from 16 % to 19 %, the company said in its annual sustainability review released this week. Gender equality and inclusion was introduced as a new focus area in 2018.

Watch: Safety culture and leadership in shipping industry

Professor Patrick Hudson, Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, provides an insight in the safety culture and leadership of the shipping world. He refers to the three different types of leaders, and the importance of right leading in order to prevent accidents that may be costly and fatal.

Kierstin Lachtman the new head of Liberian Shipowners’ Council

Kierstin Del Valle Lachtman recently became the new Secretary General of the Liberian Shipowners Council (LSC), the Liberian Registry announced. Ms. Lachtman has worked as a representative and advocate for shipowners, most recently as Manager of Maritime Policy for CLIA.

Disney Cruise Line inspires future female leaders

Disney Cruise Line announced a new initiative to inspire the next generation of female leaders in the maritime industry by funding scholarships to empower girls and young women to pursue careers in the cruise industry.

Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint

Millennials have begun filling leadership roles in workplaces but faced with some common challenges like situations that test their skills, mindset but also their patience and consistency. Many of them strive to deliver performance, while others just enjoy the director’s position and sadly destroy their team’s performance. But what separates the first from the latter? Certainly, the way they handle daily challenges at workplace!

Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint: Do’s and don’ts

As Millennials have begun filling leadership roles in workplaces, they are faced with some common challenges; situations that test their skills, their mindset but also their patience and consistency. There are leaders who strive to deliver performance and leaders who just enjoy the director’s position and simply destroy their team’s performance.

Team diversity is the key for competitive advantage

The Global maritime Forum published an article based on the team diversity in organizations and the importance of it. Increasing the diversity of your team and providing your employees with a feeling of belonging can give your organization a competitive advantage over firms which overlook these values. 

Cargill to opt for gender diversity

Lloyd’s List reported that an internal document of Cargill, a grains and agricultural trader, ‘the Inclusive and Diverse Speaker Guidelines’ commits the US’ largest privately-owned company to assemble panels and speaker line-ups that are gender diverse. 

How to deal with difficult bosses

Although in all kind of industries, loyalty and dedication from employees is required by leaders, they are said to rarely return their half of the equation, leaving employees feeling left behind and unsupported by ignoring their ideas or even belittling them in public. Here are the 4 types of “bad bosses” that make employees quit organizations.


Should BWM training be a mandatory requirement?

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