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Lessons learned: Falls from step ladders onboard

In its latest Safety Flashes, IMCA examines two different cases of falls of crew members from step ladders which led to injuries. The two incidents highlight the need for proper risk assessments and routine inspections on ladders. 

IMCA urges to facilitate offshore workers movement

Amid COVID-19 situation, the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) urges IMO to support its recommendation for Governments concerning the movement of offshore personnel during the pandemic. 

Lessons learned: Crew faints after work in water ballast tank

In its latest Safety Flashes, IMCA presents an incident of a crew member fainting after working in an enclosed space. The crew member reported he had smelled a strong odour after dislodging a large caked piece of sediment from the bell mouth.

Lessons learned: Not securing hatch leads to water ingress

In the latest edition of its Safety Flashes, IMCA describes a case of vessel taking on a significant amount of rainwater on the upper tween deck during an intense tropical storm. The investigation found that the hatch was closed but not properly secured. 

Lessons learned: Failure of life raft securing strap

In the latest edition of its Safety Flashes, IMCA analyzes an unplanned deployment of a life raft from the starboard forward life raft station into the sea. Investigation revealed that the hold back strap, used to retain the life raft in place, was degraded to the point of failure. 

IMCA: 134 incidents reported in 2019

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) issued its yearly report analyzing the accidents that were published during 2019, informing of 134 accidents in 30 safety flashes between 10/10/18 and 12/12/19.

Lessons learned: Rescue boat davit failure

The Marine Safety Forum published safety alert describing a rescue boat davit failure during the boat’s periodic launch and testing. There were no injuries as a result of the incident, which was attributed to the good practice of lowering the rescue boat unmanned. 

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