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Inventory of Hazardous Materials: Common sense or witchcraft?

As the EU Ship Recycling Regulation is to take effect in 2020, stakeholders should stand up to their responsibilities and IHM Service suppliers should create effective procedures to promote compliance, argues Consulting Engineer Stefanos Magoulas.

IHM and Sustainable Shipping: Key challenges

It seems that lately the all-consuming, requirements of 2020 sulphur cap are somehow overshadowing those of the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) which are crucial for ensuring green and sustainable shipping as well, in the ship recycling field though. IHM is one of the most important documents in planning the recycling process of a ship.

Oldendorff Carriers begins work ahead EU ship recycling regulation

German dry bulk shipping operator Oldendorff Carriers said it has entered into an agreement with GSR Services and Korean Register (KR) for the development and certification of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) for their fleet for meeting tight EU ship recycling regulation.

Responsible ship recycling starts with getting the IHM prepared

Mr. Henning Gramann, CEO at GSR Services GmbH, talks about latest developments concerning ship breaking, highlighting that proper planning and assistance by experts is required for the preparation of an Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM), as required by HKC and EU-SRR.

Compliant recycling of a navy tanker

Mr. Henning Gramann, CEO at GSR Services, talks about an interesting project in which his team was involved with the aim to change the image of beaching in India substantially. In particular, Mr Gramann describes the process, from the beginning till the end, toward responsible ship recycling of the HMNZS Endeavour in Alang shipyard in compliance with Hong Kong Convention, EU-Ship Recycling Regulation and Basel Convention. As explained, proper planning and assistance by experts to develop all necessary documents (such as IHM Part I and II) are of outmost importance for conducting responsible recycling.

The hidden benefits of an Inventory of Hazardous Materials

John Chillingworth, Senior Marine Principal of Lucion Marine, argues that IHM surveys, when carried out correctly, can have a range of unexpected benefits for ship owners. These benefits include an asbestos free ship which does not put crew at risk of potential exposure, as well as prevention of delays and additional costs.

How to maintain Inventory of Hazardous Material

A ship owner who has completed an IHM process for a vessel can achieve the vessel’s compliance to the Hong Kong Convention and the EU Ship Recycling regulations. However, this is only the first step to compliance, as the owner must ensure continuous conformity of the Inventory, says Rick Power, Senior Manager – IHM at Wilhelmsen.

Call for new standards on responsible ship recycling

During Nor-Shipping 2017, ABN AMRO, ING and NIBC presented the Responsible Ship Recycling Standards (RSRS) for ship financing and called upon other financial institutions to unite in endorsing these. The banks hope to raise awareness of the importance of improving the end-of-life stage of ships.

Inventory of Hazardous Materials: From theory to practice

Fotis Ploumitsakos, EPE, underlines the obligation for an IHM onboard all vessels with EU flags and those which visit EU ports according to the EU Ship recycling regulation 1257/2103. He refers to the practical parameters on the preparation of an IHM in order to be considered sufficient and also to the required qualifications and credentials for the HazMat Experts who are responsible to prepare it on behalf of ship operators.

Inventory of Hazardous Materials: Current status & best practice

Henning Gramann, IHMA, talks about best practices regarding the Inventory of Hazardous Materials. Mr. Gramann notes that the new legal requirements for Recycling of Ships have become a pressing issue for all ships, no matter if brand new or very old. A key requirement all for EU-registered and all EU-visiting ships above 500GT is to have a certified IHM onboard until end of 2020.

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