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July 1st marks the first World Marine Aids to Navigation Day

1st July marks the First World Marine Aids to Navigation Day. The day is established by IALA, and aims to promote greater awareness to mariners and the wider public regarding the crucial role of Aids to Navigation to ensure a safe and efficient navigation.

MPA Singapore, IALA promote E-Navigation

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore is co-organising a workshop with the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) to support the operationalisation of e-navigation solutions. This is the first workshop since Singapore’s election to the IALA Council in 2018. The MPA-IALA e-navigation workshop will take place from 8 to 10 April.

New format to make port calls more efficient

Within the Sea Traffic Management, a Port Call Message Format has been developed to enable the coordination of stakeholder activities regarding port calls by providing a standard format to share the necessary information on Estimated Time of Arrival and Estimated Time of Departure. The STM Validation Project will demonstrate the STM concept in test beds in the Nordic and Mediterranean Seas.

IALA releases new guidelines to improve digital services

During IALA’s 65th session, its Council adopted a new specification guideline for digital services in the maritime domain, with input from EfficienSea2, to give digital solutions work across different oceans and different equipment.