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Guidance for liquid cargo sampling

Disputes regarding “off-spec” or contaminated liquid cargoes are a repeated problem and shipowners may have no independent evidence as to the cause of an alleged cargo contamination. However, if the cargo is “off-spec” when the vessel arrives at the discharge port and there is no evidence of contamination from the load port, the vessel could be faced with a claim.

ClassNK amends class rules on steel ships

ClassNK announced that it has released amendments to its Rules and Guidance for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships on 1 June 2017. ClassNK is constantly revising its Rules and Guidance, in order to reflect the latest results from relevant research and development projects, feedback from damage investigations, requests from industry etc.

BIMCO launches latest guidance for charter negotiations

Bimco informed that launched a new edition of Check Before Fixing, the tool that is used across the industry for daily chartering and shipping transactions. The 2017 edition includes the most recent legal developments and the guidance reflects increasing regulatory requirements, including current commercial practice and for the first time, including an important section on cyber security.

ICC urges for guidance on return-refill container systems

Responding at the lack of clear guidance on how customs authorities should treat return-refill container systems, ICC has released a set of business recommendations on the issue calling on the World Customs Organisation to develop international guidelines on return-refill container systems in close cooperation with the private sector.

North Club updates guidance on letters of indemnity

North P&I Club announced that has published a new edition of its guide book on letters of indemnity, in order to explain how to avoid disputes and problems arising from the use of letters of indemnity, reflecting recent case law and current industry practice.


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