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EEXI & CII rating compliance with energy saving technologies: Do they suffice?

During the 2023 GREEN4SEA Athens Forum, Mrs. Maria Tsompanoglou, Energy Performance Manager, Pantheon Tankers Management Ltd, presented an overview of the impact of specific energy-saving technologies on the EEXI & CII for large tankers and bulk carriers. The presentation focused on the most widely known energy-saving technologies that are already widespread in the market and have proven their effectiveness: pre-swirl stators, PBCFs and low-friction coatings.

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DNV: Key considerations on the use of biofuels

DNV has released a technical update on the use of biofuels or biofuel blends to clarify the regulatory status and other considerations on the usage of such fuels. Seeing that biofuels are one of many ways to comply with the IMO’s strategy on the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) emissions from ships, DNV provides a summary of regulatory issues, safety and operational aspects.

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