Cyprus: Shipping industry negatively affected by the coronavirus

According to Cyprus’s Deputy Minister for Shipping, Natasa Pilides, the country’s shipping industry has been largely affected by the global spread of coronavirus. Ms Pilides also informed that the industry is following the guidelines of the ministry of health and is carrying out checks on board ships entering Cypriot ports.

Greece, Cyprus discuss about their new ferry link

The Greek Ministry of Tourism along with the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry attended a meeting and discussed several issues concerning the maritime tourism and the new ferry connection line between the two regions, which is estimated to start during summer 2020.

Port of Limassol to be modernized under STEAM project

Port of Limassol in Cyprus is going to be modernized under the Sea Traffic Management in the Eastern Mediterranean (STEAM) project. In fact, STEAM goals to advance and further develop the port, so as to become a worldclass terminal equipped with modern and digital technologies.

Cyprus expresses concerns on increased port tariffs

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) recently expressed its concerns on the increased charges at Limassol port, fearing that will have a negative result upon the competitiveness of the shipping  market. For the records, the charges have been applied from 1st of February.

Coronavirus new circulars: Cyprus, Bahamas, Hong Kong, Liberia and Singapore

It is already known that majority of key shipping players have issued circulars with recommendations and advice on how the industry, the seafarers and vessels calling ports should act when entering or departing a port. Now, Cyprus, Bahamas, Hong Kong, Liberia and Singapore launched updated circulars. 

Ferry connection between Piraeus – Limassol launched

Port of Piraeus, Greece will be from now on ferry connected to Limassol, Cyprus. According to the Shipping Deputy Minister of Cyprus, Natasa Pilides, efforts are underway in order the ferry trip to be launched and available by this summer. For the records, the return ferry ticket is estimated to cost around €130 per person, including the port fees.

Cyprus joins digital era led by Columbia Shipmanagement

Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd (CSM) and the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) inked a Memorandum of Understanding for the launch of a joint innovation project that will explore the smart field of the shipping industry.

Greece, Cyprus, Israel sign EastMed gas pipeline deal

On Thursday, December 2, Cyprus, Greece and Israel inked an Intergovernmental Agreement for the construction of the EastMed natural gas pipeline, a 1,900 kilometer (1,180 mile) subsea pipeline to carry natural gas from the eastern Mediterranean’s rapidly developing gas industry to Europe, with Italy expressing its support for the project by sending a letter of support.

EU Commission approves prolongation of Cyprus’ tonnage tax scheme

Under EU state aid rules, the EU Commission approved the prolongation of Cyprus’ tonnage tax scheme, which applies to ship ownership, ship management and ship chartering activities for the next ten years. Cyprus was the first ever open registry to have a TTS approved by the EU.

Turkish drones accompany drill ships will fly from Gecitkale Airport

The Turkish Cypriot government officially informed that the Gecitkale Airport will from now on be a base for the landing Turkish drones. Those drones are escorting drill ships which are searching for hydrocarbons in the eastern Mediterranean. In light of the situation, a Turkish military drone was delivered to northern Cyprus today, on 16 December.


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