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Cyprus plans to cancel ship initial registration fees

Cyprus plans to abolish ship initial registration fees as part of its efforts to attract competitiveness and attract more ship registrations, Deputy Minister for Shipping Natasa Pilides announced on Friday, during a briefing at the parliamentary committee on transport.

Reminder of restrictions on vessel calls to Northern Cyprus ports

The Republic of Cyprus issued an Order in 1974 declaring the ports of Famagusta, Karavostasi and Kyrenia, in Northern Cyprus, closed to all vessels. This means if a vessel is found to have called to, or drifted into waters of, one of these ports, it can expect to face penalties in next calls to any of the open ports.

Cyprus considers updating its tonnage tax system

Cyprus is thinking of updating its tonnage tax system and its pricing policy for the registration of ships, a project that is in line with its targeted measures to enhance the competitiveness of the Cyprus shipping industry, President Nicos Anastasiades reported.

China-led consortium to build LNG terminal in Cyprus

A consortium comprising of China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co Ltd, Aktor S.A. and Metron S.A., Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Co. Ltd and Wilhelmsen Ship Management Limited, was announced as the preferred bidder for a contract, which sees the construction of an LNG terminal, near Vassiliko Port in Cyprus.

Russian Register extends cooperation with Cyprus

The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping signed a new agreement with the Maritime Administration of Cyprus, expanding the scope of authority delegated to the Russian Maritime Register for the inspection of ships flying the flag of Cyprus. 

Greece, Israel, US, Cyprus to boost energy cooperation

Greece, Israel, Cyprus and the US agreed to boost cooperation in energy, as well as cyber and infrastructure security, Greek Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis said, following a meeting among the ministers of the four countries in Athens, Wednesday. 

Cyprus completes first step for LNG terminal construction

As the Natural Gas Public Company of Cyprus stated, it completed the first step of the tender procedure, for the Cyprus LNG Import Terminal, in Vasilikos Bay, which involves all the necessary infrastructure of LNG import into Cyprus.

EU sanctions Turkey over drilling off Cyprus

In light of Turkey’s continuation of illegal drilling activities and a few days after the second Turkish drill ship arrived off Cyprus, the European Council announced some preliminary sanctions against Turkey. Among others. the Council decided to suspend negotiations on the Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement.

Second Turkish ship arrives for drilling off Cyprus

Further escalating tensions among the EU and Turkey, the Turkish ship ‘Yavuz’ arrived Monday night off the island of Cyprus and it is set to drill for oil and gas, triggering a strong protest from Nicosia the EU. This comes less than a month after EU leaders warned Turkey to end its gas drilling in waters around the island.


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