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How competition drives innovation and awakes opportunities

Harvard Business Review study reveals that “…rivalry could be an important lever for managers to pull to incentivize risk-taking. This could mean emphasizing longstanding corporate rivalries, or fostering (friendly) rivalries between employees, perhaps by creating incentive systems that provide for repeated competitions.”

OCIMF: Seafarers’ behavioural competence assessment

Seafarers work in highly risk environments, where skills and abilities play a key role in performance at both individual and organizational level. Competencies can be difficult to assess. As such, OCIMF and Intertanko issued a report presenting a system for assessing competency in seafarers.

How people judge others – competence is not the number one skill

Most people, especially in business world, believe that competence is the most important factor to attract a positive first impression. Besides, they do believe, proving they are smart and talented is enough to handle their tasks. However, research shows that other factors are perceived as important on how people evaluate others.

IMO reviews minimum training standards for fishers

The comprehensive review of the IMO treaty on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Fishing Vessel Personnel will continue this week. Namely, the Sub-Committee on Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping will review the minimum standards of competence described in the treaty.

10 Tips for a better conversation

A conversation requires balance between talking and listening and somewhere along the way this balance is frequently lost. Stereotypical advice, such as making eye contact, smiling back or nodding may be misleading. Below are the 10 crucial tips in turning a conversation into an enjoyable experience.

MPA Singapore signs seven agreements to promote innovation

During the Singapore Maritime Technology Conference, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has signed five Memorandums of Understanding and two Agreements with local and international partners. These agreements aim to enhance Singapore’s connectivity, maritime R&D capabilities and innovation culture. 

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