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ICS comments on proposed changes to Chile s maritime competition rules

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) is grateful for the opportunity to comment on proposed changes to Chilean anti-trust law as it applies to merchant shipping .The membership of ICS comprises national shipowners' associations from 36 countries including the Asociacion Nacional de Armadores in Chile. ICS represents over 80% of the world's merchant shipping tonnage.ICS is the principal international trade association for the shipping industry, representing all sectors and trades including containership operators, tanker operators and dry bulk carriers, as well as specialised trades such as chemical carriers and car carriers.ICS wishes to make a few remarks from the international perspective. Any major changes that might be proposed to the current maritime competition regime in Chile could have implications for the liner (container) shipping industry globally, not just for those companies involved in trades to and from Chile.Liner shipping conferences and consortia agreements (permitting, inter alia, slot sharing) have existed worldwide for decades and have facilitated the phenomenal success of international container shipping for almost 40 years. These co-operative arrangements have served to provide stability in what are generally volatile and highly cyclicalmarkets, helping to guarantee the adequacy and efficiency of maritime services to the shipping industry's customers.The current regulatory ...

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