2020 sulphur cap

IMO 2020: Compliant Fuel Availability Assessment

As the IMO 2020 sulphur cap is just around the corner, Argus Media published an infographic depicting compliant fuel’s availability assessment worldwide. Despite being at a very early stage, sales of 2020 compliant fuel have already started at ports globally.

Achieving shipping’s decarbonization by 2050

UMAS released two infographics showing what fuels will help decarbonize shipping by 2050. The infographic shows the deep emission cuts that will be needed to meet the IMO GHG targets. The infographics highlight the huge possibility of untapped renewable energy potential to produce low- or zero-emissions electro-fuels and what next steps are necessary to scale up these solutions.

Infographic: The facts on IMO 2020

In a descriptive infographic, IMO summarizes key benefits associated with the 2020 sulphur cap. By not reducing the SOx limit for ships from 2020, the air pollution from ships would contribute to more than 570,000 additional premature deaths worldwide between 2020-2025.

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