Representatives of the ABS, BV, DNVGL, KR, NK, LR and RS certification bodies tested the 20-cylinder version, which was approved as being representative of the remaining versions. This means that the engines now comply with the emission regulations in accordance with IMO MARPOL Annex VI, IMO Tier III.

The combustion process and the injection system of the engines combined with MTU’s new SCR system, reduced NOx emissions by 75% compared with IMO II and particulate emissions by 65% compared with EPA Tier 3.

Life-cycle costs are important in the development of the new MTU engines, aiming to create significant benefits for operators. The MTU engines can also reduce fuel consumption by a further 5% compared with the predecessor model. MTU has already delivered the first EPA Tier 4 propulsion systems for new catamarans operated by the WETA (Water Emergency Transportation Agency) in California.


MTU’s new integrated system is designed for flexible installation and features an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The customer can switch between modes (IMO II and IMO III) during operation, to comply with the emission requirements of the region in which the ship is sailing.

MTU’s SCR system is fully controlled, with real-time NOx measurement. In addition to the IMO Tier III certified engines, MTU will offer IMO Tier II engines.