The rescue boat Idar Ulstein drove on land at Sunnmøre, Norway, as it was returning from a diving mission. Emergency authorities were deployed, with local media are reporting that the ship had high speed at the time of the accident.


When the grounding took place, the boat had three people on board, all of whom are not injured seriously. However, there are reports about an oil spill on the site. The amount of it is still unknown. When the accident took place, the vessel was carrying about 1400 liters of diesel.

A rescue company is currently on the site to salvage the boat, while the fire department is trying to contain the pollution. Namely, authorities have placed specialized equipment around the vessel to absorb the oil.

As of now, the full damage that the boat has sustained is not known. Thus, it is unsure whether or when the ship will be able to start operations again. This will depend on the damage of the hull. Nevertheless, it is estimated that it would take some time before repairs start.