MPA ensures the integrity of bunkering in Singapore by checking bunker operators. Thus, the Authority checked Inter-Pacific and resulted to the fact that magnetic interferences affect measurements of bunkers supplied in numerous Mass Flow Meter readings across Inter-Pacific’s fleet of bunker tankers.

Moreover, Inter-Pacific failed to ensure that its employees and cargo officers are compliant to the terms and conditions of their license.

As Inter-Pacific also holds a Bunker Supplier Licence issued by MPA, MPA is currently investigating Inter-Pacific for breaching the terms and conditions of the Bunker Supplier Licence.

In May, MPA also revoked Southernpec’s bunker supplier licence as its employees did not comply with the terms and conditions of their licence. While back in 2017, MPA revoked Transocean’s bunkering licences, due to several falsifications of records and discrepancies in the stock movement logbooks on board its bunker tankers.

MPA reminds all bunker licensees to adhere strictly to the terms and conditions of their licences. MPA will take firm action against any licensee who has acted in contravention of its licence(s), including the suspension or revocation of licence(s) licences where necessary.