Co-founded with Dr. Richard Burke, ABS Professor of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, MGTIC is a collaborative incubator fostering technology developments in the maritime space through entrepreneurial innovations bringing together maritime, technology and financial interests to accelerate tools for commercial growth.

“Shipping interests exist in an increasingly complex environment and are impacted by new problems every day. At the same time, entrepreneurs and researchers seek to remedy these problems,” stated Dr. Clott. “Equipped with the assets of the New York City area, coupled with focused expertise in complex maritime activities, MGTIC will bring people together and support an ecosystem for the benefit of maritime interests at sea, in port, and on land.”

The primary areas of activity for the MGTIC will include: 

  • technology development focusing on enhancements in both the digital and physical spheres, addressing current and future maritime problems;  
  • innovation support including the expansion of networks to provide financial support and guidance to technological start-up firms; 
  • implementation support promoting the encouragement of technical collaboration with faculty, students, and industry experts for product development, design, testing, and application and outreach through the establishment of connections with other technological ecosystems in Asia, Europe, and elsewhere.

As informed, some of the impetus for this initiative comes from the global perception that New York doesn't have a strong technology focus, as in recent years, the city has ranked near the bottom of the list in the Leading Capitals of the World ranking for Maritime Technology.

“The mission of Maritime Global Technologies is to lead, connect and catalyze those groups seeking to make a positive impact by offering the resources necessary for the development and implementation of practical, profitable, and environmentally sustainable solutions,” stated MGTIC Co-Founder Richard Burke.