Specifically, the ClassNK Cyber Security Approach has as a priority ensuring the navigational safety. To achieve it, it is important to ensure availability of systems in terms of operation technology as well as information technology systems, which support operation of ships.

In order to eliminate cyber risks in IT and OT, the Society proposes measures based on a balanced combination of physical, technical, and organizational approaches, such as designing ships and onboard equipment with security by design, constructing management systems during service, etc.

Moreover, the Approach categorizes cyber security controls into different layers, and clarify what each stakeholder should do for each layer by adopting requirements from the existing standards on cyber security that are considered applicable to ships.

In light of the increased use of IT for the operation of ships and international trends in cyber security, the Society will analyze the latest information with experts and propose current best practices in cyber security controls for ships.

In the meantime, ClassNK along with partners contributed to the publishment of the revised 'Guidelines for Designing Cyber Security Onboard Ships for newbuilding designs, aiming to shipyards and ship-building owners.

As part of the ClassNK Cyber Security Series, ClassNK will also be releasing the Cyber Security Management System for Ships that targets ship management, and Software Security Guidelines that target ship software in the near future.

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