The new legislation restores lost protections on all navigable waters in Canada so that Canadians can continue to enjoy the right to navigate their boats (whether they are motorized boats, canoes or kayaks) through the extensive network of waterways across the country, official statement by Transport Canada reads.

The new Act has created a new requirement for approvals of major works, such as large dams, that significantly impact navigation on all navigable waters;

Additionally, it has developed a process to notify the public, which also provides an opportunity for Canadians to engage early before construction begins on any navigable water.



The government has also introduced a mechanism where the Minister of Transport can address obstructions on any navigable water, as well as directives to take into consideration the cumulative impact on navigation of multiple projects on a waterway.

Finally, it has developed a resolution process for reviewing navigation concerns and works, such as a bridge, when concerns remain unresolved in navigable waters not listed in the schedule.

Our Government had a clear goal when it introduced the Canadian Navigable Waters Act, which is to restore lost protections on waterways. Today, we fulfill our commitment. Through this legislation, we address interferences to navigation while protecting Canadians’ right to navigate on Canada’s vast network of navigable waterways,

...stated Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport.

The Navigation Protection Act was amended and renamed the Canadian Navigable Waters Act.