Specifically, the QCPP reassures that vessels arrive at the pilot boarding ground (PBG) in a state that is:

  • standardised
  • predictable
  • well informed.

After being sure of the above, the pilot can embark with confidence at the starting position for the pilotage.

Masters are encouraged to keep a copy of the QCPP on the bridge for quick reference and ensure it is available for the initial Master/Pilot exchange.

The QCPP has been developed primarily in favour of Masters and mates of vessels transiting any of the coastal pilotage areas, including:

  • Torres Strait;
  • the Great North East Channel;
  • the Inner Route of the Great Barrier Reef;
  • Hydrographers Passage;

Concluding, AMSA encourages all Masters transiting any of these coastal pilotage areas to consider the information contained within the QCPP when preparing associated passage plans.