Automated Behaviour Monitoring is a computer, rule based system that analyses ship positions for the automatic detection of abnormal and specific vessel behaviour. The system analyses ships' position, using data from available tracking systems such as Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT), Terrestrial-AIS, Satellite-AIS, Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) and Earth Observation satellites, among others.

Patterns, such as encounters at sea, approaches to shore, drifting and deviations from usual routes, are detected and operators are automatically alerted in real time. The system has over 20 different algorithms with more being added as the system grows according to user needs.

In summary, ABM provides the following advantages:

  • Detection and early warnings for vessels posing a potential risk, arriving at specific areas or following unusual routes.
  • Tracking for vessels involved in illegal activities, smuggling prohibited substances, or breaking embargoes.
  • Detection of vessels approaching shores to transfer goods or persons illegally.
  • Detection of illegal fishing activities.

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