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Ship Breaking and Wreck Removal Implications in Vietnam

The Swedish P&I Club has issued alert regarding implication for owners in wreck removal situations in Vietnam. The Government of Vietnam  has issued Decree No. 114/2014/ND-CP dated 26 November 2014 which allows the import of used ships into Vietnam for demolition.  It is required that those organisations and/or companies who wish to import  used ships for demolition have to obtain an appropriate license issued by Ministry of Transport for such importation/demolition: Article 6.2 of the  Decree provides that “in case the ships that are foreign flagged and/or nationality,  encounters an accident, damages itself or sinks in Vietnam and wishes to be demolished in Vietnamese Territory, it is required that both the import and demolition of such ship(s) shall  comply with  this Decree as well as any other relevant regulations”. This  means  when a ship sinks, such as the Heung A Dragon (7/11/13) Vung Tau Bay and the owners then wish to have their damaged/sunken ship  salved, then disposed off within Vietnam. It will have to be done via an approved and licensed company for the  "importing and demolishing of used ships”.  The Club advises that if an owner wishes  to sell the damaged/sunken ship  to a salvor who has no ...

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Liberia becomes party to the Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention

Liberia acceded to the Nairobi International Wreck Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007, on 8 January 2015. It is thus far the largest flag state party to the convention. The Nairobi Convention covers shipwrecks that could have a potential adverse effect on the safety of lives and property at sea, as well as the marine environment. When it enters into force on 14 April, 2015, it will fill a gap in the existing international legal framework by providing the first set of uniform international rules aimed at ensuring the prompt and effective removal of wrecks. Liberia has agreed to extend the scope of the convention to its territory, including its territorial sea.The Liberian Registry is prepared to start issuing wreck removal convention certificates to ensure that its flagged vessels have evidence of compliance prior to the convention’s entry into force. It is also prepared to issue certificates for shipowners with vessels registered in states that are not yet a party to the convention. David Pascoe, Head of Maritime Operations & Standards for the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR), the US-based manager of the registry, says, “The Nairobi Convention is designed to create consistency in the treatment of ...

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Costa Concordia refloating operations begin

The wreck floats for first time in two years Two and a half years after the Costa Concordia capsized off the island of Giglio the Concordia refloating operations have started regularly. The Concordia wreck will be refloated of about 2 meters and then towed 30 meters to the East.Updates:At 6.00 am the Senior Salvage Master, Nick Sloane, reached the Remote Operations Center located on the Concordia with the rest of the team.With the arrival of the ferry at 8.30 am the final phase of the lightening of the wreck has begun. Only less then 1,000 tonnes of weight remain, out of the initial 30,000 tonnes; as soon as this step is completed, the wreck can be lifted off the platforms. In a first stage, this will happen in the stern area.At 12.00 the Concordias stern and bow were detached from the false sea bed by about 1 meter. The wreck is floating thanks to the sponsons. Before being towed 30 meters East, the Concordia will need to be refloated of another meter. Technicians have now begun to tighten the chains on starboard sponson S14, as planned.Refloating operation planDuring the first stage, the Concordia will be refloated about 2 meters up ...

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