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Combined Maritime Force discusses piracy issues in Dubai

Combined Maritime Force recently visited the Dubai-based UKMTO to discuss security issues with global maritime industry representatives, attending the Maritime Information Exchange Vessel Operators Meeting. MIEVOM is a valuable opportunity for merchant vessel owners to discuss ways to collaborate more closely with military naval officers to maintain safe seas and pirate-free waters off Somalia.

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Mandatory registration with the MSCHOA and UKMTO

For vessels registered under NIS and NOR flag We refer to our Loss Prevention Circular No. 02-10: Counter piracy - Follow best management practices (BMP) and can now advise that the Norwegian Maritime Directorate issued a Circular on 8 June 2011 noting, inter alia, that, as from that date, it is mandatory for ships registered under the NIS or the Norwegian flag operating in the piracy High Risk Area as defined in Best Management Practices, version 3, to register with the Maritime Security Centre, Horn of Africa (MSCHOA) and to report to the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) office in Dubai. The registrationform can be found at www.mschoa.orgThe mandatory registration and reporting requirements are made pursuant to paragraph 6 A in the Norwegian Regulation 972/2004 concerning security and terrorism preparedness on board ships and mobile drilling units.All members with ships passing through the High Risk Area are recommended to register with MSCHOA and report to UKMTO, but it is now a statutory requirement for ships flying the NIS or Norwegian flag to do so.Members with NIS or NOR-flagged ships sailing within or through the defined high risk areas are alerted that it is a condition of the P&I insurance ...

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Piracy calls on Iridium now free of charge

An anti-piracy initiative As part of its anti-piracy initiative Iridium reports that it has made all calls from ships equipped with its communications terminals to the UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) centre free of charge, effective immediately.The UKMTO office in Dubai is the primary point of contact between merchant shipping and naval forces patrolling the high piracy risk zone off the Somali coast.UKMTO has direct communication to all naval assets in the area and plays a key role in coordinating the naval response when pirates board and attack ships.Under Iridium's calling plan, all calls to the UKMTO +971 number will be connected through the Iridium network free of charge."As a service to our important maritime customers, we strongly support the improvement of communications for ships who may encounter piracy," said Dan Mercer, vice president and general manager, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Russia, Iridium."Recognising that Iridium can provide a critical communications lifeline in a potentially life-threatening situation, it is our responsibility to support the crew by removing any barriers to free and open communication with authorities."Iridium notes that it has been working with its partners to outfit an increasing number of ships with 'citadels,' where crews can take refuge and ...

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