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Increase in the number of persons attempting to stowaway on vessels

Vessels calling at Turkish ports The West of England P&I Club has been advised by Kalimbassieris Maritime, Istanbul, of a significantincrease in the number of persons attempting to stowaway on vessels calling at Turkish ports.Turkey is the natural crossing point into Europe for refugees and economic migrants from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. However, due to the high level of security at Turkish border points, they often find that a land crossing into Europe is not possible. Therefore they may look for other ways to reach their intended destination.Due to thesignificant increase in the number of illegal immigrants attempting to cross into Europe, there has been a corresponding rise in stowaway attempts from Turkish ports, including Turkish Nationals. Given that security measures in some Turkish ports and terminals may not be as robust as at land border checkpoints, vessels should be particularly vigilant and ensure that all practicable steps are taken to prevent persons stowing away.Source: The West of England P&I Club

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Turkish Ship begins oil and gas exploration off Cyprus

Turkey-Cyprus Drilling Dispute Turkey is using its navy and air force to escort a ship conducting oil and gas exploration off Cyprus, an official said Tuesday, in the latest development in a dispute over the ownership of the divided island nation's natural resources.Cyprus is split into an internationally recognized Greek Cypriot south and a breakaway Turkish Cypriot north. The southern government began exploratory drilling for oil and gas last week, prompting strong protests from Turkey, which doesn't recognize the Greek Cypriot administration.In response, Turkey signed an oil and gas exploration deal with the Turkish Cypriots and sent a Turkish research ship to the Mediterranean to start exploration. The breakaway Turkish Cypriot state is only recognized by Turkey, which maintains 35,000 troops there.Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004, but only its south enjoys membership benefits."We will try all channels of peace, but we will also protect our country's interests until the end," Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey said Tuesday at an unrelated ceremony to mark the delivery of the first Turkish-made corvette warship to the navy.The Turkish research ship, Koca Piri Reis, began its exploration Monday, but Turkish and Turkish Cypriots officials refused to reveal the ship's exact ...

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Turkey says seismic ship to leave for eastern Med on Friday

Yıldız said Turkey would be exploring off the northern half of Cyprus Turkey's energy minister said on Thursday that a Turkish research ship will set sail for the Mediterranean to start oil and gas exploration.Taner Yıldız said the seismic research ship, the Piri Reis, would head for the Mediterranean on Friday.On Wednesday, Turkey marked its marine borders with Turkish Cyprus for offshore oil and gas drilling in response to a similar move by the internationally recognized Greek Cypriot half of the divided island.Yıldız said Turkey would be exploring off the northern half of the island.He said however, that some areas earmarked for exploration by Turkey "clashed" with those of the Greek Cypriot administration. He did not rule out future Turkish exploration in those areas too.Greek Cypriot leader urged the United Nations to tell Turkey to back off from threats over the divided island's offshore oil and gas drilling.Dimitris Christofias told the UN General Assembly on Thursday that Turkish naval maneuvers off the island's south coast where US firm Noble Energy is carrying out exploratory drilling constitutes a "provocative and real danger" for the region.Turkey strongly opposes drilling by the island's internationally recognized Greek Cypriot administration, saying it undermines the rights ...

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Turkish Prime Minister saw Gaza raid as ”grounds for war”over raid on ship

After a deadly raid on a Turkish ship headed for Gaza Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan saw "grounds for war" with Israel last year after a deadly raid on a Turkish ship headed for Gaza, according to a transcript of a recent interview.State news agency Anatolia released late on Sunday what it said was an original Turkish-language transcript of an interview Erdogan gave to Al Jazeera television last week. It included elements not broadcast as well as original wording for sensitive comments that had been transmitted only in Arabic translation.Among previously unpublished elements, Erdogan said Israel's raid in May 2010 on a Turkish ship headed for Gaza, in which nine Turks were killed, would have justified going to war."The attack that took place in international waters did not comply with any international law. In fact, it was grounds for war. However, befitting Turkey's greatness, we decided to act with patience," he said.The transcript in Turkish from Anatolian, provided by Erdogan's office, also gave the following account of the prime minister's response to a question on what Turkey would do to ensure free passage for its ships in the Mediterranean."Right now, without a doubt, the primary duty of Turkish navy ships ...

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Transas supplies with training package Tanzania and Turkey

Training package including navigational, engine room and GMDSS simulators Transas Middle East has successfully accomplished the project to supply a training suite including navigational, engine room and GMDSS simulators to Dar Es Salaam Maritime Institute (DMI) in Tanzania.Under the contract, Transas has upgraded the Dar Es Salaam's navigational simulator to the newest generation Transas Full Mission Ship SimulatorNTPRO 5000 with 270 degree horizontal field of view and rear visualisation channel.New generation navigational simulator boasts visualization system offering the highest level of realism featuring wind-generated sea state and variable swell model with user selected sea state spectrum, accurate vessel and wave interaction, full scene and environment reflection, and three dimensional bow waves and propeller wash and associated floating object interference.New grounding, synchronous rolling, broaching and other modeling features provide unsurpassed quality of training. Integrated VHF and Intercom solutions, voice communication are available for debrief and assessment. Particular attention was paid to radar. Transas now has reached another level in accurate and realistic radar picture presentation. This has been achieved by years of experience and strong industry feedback.The project also included supply, installation and commissioning of a Full Mission Engine Room Simulator, Steam boiler and Gas Turbine simulators and a PC based ...

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Erdogan pushes for the Black Sea -Marmara canal project

It would be designed to handle the world's largest supertankers Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan appears to see the construction of a canal near Istanbul that would link the Black and Marmara seas as a lynchpin of his political legacy. But political experts and economists are viewing the project with caution, worrying that it could have a destabilizing impact on existing energy and security arrangements.At a project presentation in April, featuring techno music and flashing lights, Prime Minister Erdoğan predicted that his dream project will outshine the Panama and Suez canals. It will be, he said, one of the biggest projects of the century.In truth, the scale of the planned Istanbul canal is well short of both the Suez and Panama routes, but at 48 kilometers long, it would still represent a mammoth engineering feat. The canal, to be dug just west of Istanbul, would provide an alternative to the Bosphorus waterway for accessing the Mediterranean Sea.The Bosphorus, which bisects Istanbul, is the only southern sea route to world markets for Black Sea countries Georgia, Ukraine, Russia and Romania. In 2009, according to Turkish Coast Guard figures, over 50,000 ships, including more than 9,000 tankers carrying 145 million tons ...

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