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Row-hit US ship to anchor today

The MV Oriental N will anchor off the Alang Ship Recycling Yard for inspection The Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) is allowing the MV Oriental N, formerly Exxon Valdez, to anchor off the Alang Ship Recycling Yard for inspection after the Customs on Thursday issued a "no objection" to its anchoring and subsequent inspection by a team of government officials.The Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) had given its nod on Wednesday, and the vessel is expected to anchor off Alang on Friday evening.Separately, Delhi-based environmental activist Gopal Krishna, the petitioner in the ongoing case concerning the vessel's entry into India for dismantling, wrote on Thursday evening to the CBI director and six Union ministers alleging the GMB's nod is "in violation of Supreme Court orders" and that "its movement must be halted to demonstrate that Indian law enforcement agencies are not subservient to US's ship disposal policy".Captain S Chadha, GMB's port officer at Alang yard, said, "The Customs has given its no-objection certificate for inspection of the MV Oriental N. GPCB did so yesterday. The vessel is expected to arrive by tomorrow evening. It will anchor in sheltered water about three to four nautical miles from the shore, and an inspection ...

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Recommended requirements for periodic testing and inspecting of gas cylinders

Containing refrigeration gases and nitrogen Gas cylinders containing refrigeration gas and nitrogen are normally sent to the vessel full and then returned to a service provider when empty. These gases are not corrosive and providing the bottle contains the original gas sent from the supplier (and gas has not been added to the bottle on board) the bottles can be periodically inspected and tested at intervals in accordance with the RID/ADR* regulations. In most cases for refrigeration gases and nitrogen this is at 10 yearly intervals.The inspection and testing should include -- Checking the cylinder's internal and external conditions;- Checking of threads, service equipment, any other accessories including the pressure-relief devices; and- Carrying out a pressure test.For more information, click here.Source: The Isle of Man Ship Registry

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Shipowners told to be responsible for voyage safety

MARINA warns ship operators to comply strictly with safety standards and passenger safety The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) yesterday warned ship operators to comply strictly with safety standards and passenger safety rules amid the expected influx of travelers taking sea transport this Lenten season.Marina Administrator Emerson Lorenzo said MARINA has carried out random safety inspections of passenger ships, adding that shipowners should be responsible for ensuring vessel maintenance and safe travel not only this Holy Week but throughout the year."Random safety inspections of passenger ships were conducted in critical ports, including Batangas; Calapan, Mindoro; Roxas City; Caticlan, Matnog, Cebu, Bohol, and Maasin, Leyte," he said.MARINA has inspected shipping lines to see if they have adequate life-saving devices such as life jackets, lifebuoys, firefighting equipment and other emergency devices in case of accidents.The maritime regulator also directed shipping lines to implement the standardized cargo stowage and securing systems to prevent improper lashing that commonly result in vessel capsizing or sinking.For added safety, roll-on roll-off (RORO) ships must disembark passengers off buses while the voyage is en route.Lorenzo added that in cooperation with its sister agency, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), will be recording pre-voyage activities onboard, including cargo securing and cargo ...

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Vessel inspections at port target diseases

No infections were found during inspections It was raining when Vietnamese ship My Vuong approached Quay 208 at Tanjung Priok seaport in North Jakarta at around 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon. A yellow flag was at mast.Shortly after it had docked, several men sporting dark green jumpsuits with "Health Quarantine" written on their backs climbed up the ladder and boarded the ship, which was carrying tons of commodities. They were wearing masks that covered their mouths and noses.The inspection lasted for around an hour. None of the ship's crew were allowed to go ashore and no visitors could board the ship before it was clear that both the ship and its crew members were free of infectious disease and other health problems.Shortly after the yellow flag was lowered, people started to board the large vessel. "It took five days from Vietnam to Indonesia," said Pham Van Dung, 48, the ship's chief officer.The ship had departed from Saigon directly to Jakarta without transit, carrying trade goods, including rice, he said.During the inspection, the quarantine officers checked not only the health of the crew members but also the cleanliness of the facilities on the ship, including dining utensils and cooking equipment in ...

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Recent development of PSC Inspection related to ISM Code

ClassNK - TEC 0883 ClassNK issures Technical Information TEC - 0884 regarding Recent development of PSC Inspection related to ISM Code as follows:PSC Inspections are becoming increasingly activated every year around the world, especially in 2011 PSC Inspections have been increased in China and India.Furthermore, there is a trend to point out some software assessment problems such as operation of ship and management of seafarers, in addition to the deficiencies of hardware side such as hull, equipment and machinery.For more information, click hereSource: ClassNK

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ITF targets China and UAE ships

From 5 - 9 December ITF inspectors will target ships calling at Chinese and UAE ports Shipping companies from China and the UAE are set to be the focus of International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) action in India this week.From 5 - 9 December ITF inspectors will target ships calling at the ports of Mumbai, Kandla, New Mangalore, Paradip, Visakhapatnam, Kolkata and Haldia during the action."Our focus will include UAE and Chinese shipping companies, several of whom are accused of denying seafarers basic working rights, often on sub-standard vessels with low salaries and fewer amenities," said Mahendra Sharma, ITF Asia/Pacific regional secretary."We will also be targeting those German and Greek owned vessels that find ways to avoid signing ITF agreements on their vessels. Unions at Kandla and New Mangalore will also be paying particular attention to STX vessels, in relation to the dispute involving the Longview dockers," Sharma said.Source: Seatrade Asia

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Maintenance, inspection and test of Fire-Protection Systems and Appliances

On board the Marshall Islands flagged ships - ClassNK TEC - 0874 The Marshall Islands Government has informed ClassNK of Marine Notice No.2-011-14 Rev4/11, "Maintenance and Inspection of Fire Protection system and Appliances". The essential points of the Notice are shown below.Main points of changes are as follows1. Fixed CO2 Fire-Extinguishing Systems- Hydrostatic testing of high pressure cylinders All cylinders at 20 years interval 10% cylinders at 10 years interval.- Flexible hosesTo be replaced at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer or every 10 years2. Hydrostatic testing of EEBDFor more information, click here.Source: ClassNK

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